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Our Services

We can offer you a wide range of services to suit your particular needs, including:

  • Rebilled Telstra PSTN/ISDN2-10 Fixed lines
  • Rebilled Optus Multiline and Other Landline Products
  • HCIT VOIP Phone systems and services (with dedicated connections)
  • Telstra 4G Mobile Voice and MBB
  • ADSL/ADSL2+ Connections
  • NBN Connections
  • Dedicated Symmetrical Fibre Connections
  • Wholesale Energy/Electricity Pricing
  • Customised Software Development
  • Australian Call Centre Overflow
  • Low Priced, High Quality Data Entry and Labour-Intensive IT work
  • Website Development and Hosting

About HCIT

We have been formed for those clients that require the best of the best when it comes to their telecommunications and IT service provider. Our staff are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are able to tend to any fault in any location within minutes ensuring your business stays online.

HCIT specialises in corporate telecommunication and IT accounts for businesses that require the highest level of customer service and technical support to maintain the operation of their business.

Every account manager at HCIT is a decision maker. This means that if an issue arises, your assigned account manager is in a position to rectify it straight away.


Our unique HCIT Fone is the most reliable VOIP phone system available in the Australia telecommunications marketplace.

With all of the faults and down time in the Australian landline sector (Telstra network faults, unreliable NBN), the HCITFone bypasses all of this by running on its own dedicated wireless 4G access. Using multiple 4G providers for our dedicated access, our testing has proven zero faults, while during this time our competitors running on the Telstra network and NBN have had countless drop outs.


HCIT is Australia’s premier Telecommunications and IT provider for corporate clients who require the highest level of service and reliability for their business.

To become a client of HCIT and take advantage of our services, you must be able to provide the following:

  • > 50 communication/internet services to be billed by HCIT
  • < 50 services require a reference from an existing HCIT customer
    Telephone interview with potential account manager, to confirm whether or not being with HCIT will be beneficial to you and your business
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